Mission Statement

To lead God's people Back to Believing Him, and become holy as God is Holy. To learn to love everyone.  To become more like Christ, and have a flawless victory over sin.  To worship God and help the people of the world.


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We have come to give God glory! We have come to be delivered! We have come to be set free;

In the name of Jesus!  



Hi!  I am very excited to have you all join 'Christ InSight Ministries'.  Here, our purpose is to educate the 'Body of Christ', which helps bring us closer together with Him.  We, also, want to keep you connected and rejoining for study sessions.  You can even come at your own time to enjoy movies, music, to be encouraged with a 'Word For The Day', or just to take yourself away from the crowds of people and just go with the 'Daily Flow'.

Whatever you may want to do, we want to make that vision readily accessible to you. In this ministry, we believe that if  the "Body of Christ" can socialize and pray together prosperity will come to pass. 

God will be glorified.  


Thank You

Corey Mills

250 Marigold Dr. Apt. 201 Pensacola, Florida 32506 

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